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The Tour-Feel Junior

The Tour-Feel Junior

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WIDTH IS KEY! If you want consistency, Power and Control this may be for you.

Introducing The Tour-Feel™ by Sure-Golf: the revolutionary training aid designed with the wisdom of the world's best golf coaches in mind. Every great golf swing is centred around creating width. - Tour-Feel™ simplifies this critical building blocks enabling you to master Tour-Like width through sensation rather than complex instruction. With our unique patented training aid, you can easily instill a new, improved, and easily repeatable swing sensation that transfers seamlessly to the course. Practice anytime, anywhere and develop the muscle memory needed for an exceptional swing radius from take-away to follow-through. Easy to transport in your bag and perfect support to help you realise the feel of a wide, efficient, effective action. With just a few repetitions at the start of your practice session can elevate your game, getting you straight out the blocks with the correct feels. and fulfil your potential. 

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