Warranty Policy


Sure-Golf and Sure-Set Golf Ltd. has an “Authorized Dealer” warranty policy.

In short, when purchased from an Authorized Dealer, your Sure-Set products (Sure-Set, Sure-Speed, Sure-Chip) are protected by a 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects.

Authorized dealers are currently Sure-Set Golf Ltd (Sure-Set.com, Sure-Set.co.uk, and the Sure-Set Golf Ltd Amazon Store).

If you buy our products from one of the websites above, and in the unlikely event you receive a defective product, please contact us at info@sure-set-golf.co.uk with your receipt or proof of purchase to arrange a return and we will replace the faulty product or part.

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT offer warranty protection for our products if they are purchased from an UNAUTHORIZED DEALER.

Purchasing from unauthorized dealers is risky because your warranty will not be valid and/or you may not be buying genuine Sure-Set products — they may be counterfeit, defective and/or dangerous.