Learn by sensation - Not information

The only golf training aids that are scientifically backed and objectively tested, with expert credibility.

Designed to let you experience what the best in the game feel.

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Guided by Expertise, Knowledge, and Experience: Infused into Every Product We Create

  • Find that Eureka moment

    To feel is to understand, to repeat is to own

  • Upskill your Game

    Become a more complete player

  • Feel what the Pro's do

    Emulate Tour-Like Technique

  • Learn Fast

    Taking away complexity and adding feel will fast track the learning journey

Transformational Training Aids

Invented by a tour coach, proven by Gears 3D data, and trusted by the world's leading players.

The No. 1 training aid brand on tour!

The Sure-Golf Difference.

The only golf training aids and teaching methods you will find here have been created (or tested and approved) by Dan Frost, one of the world’s leading coaches of Tour and amateur champions.

Dan's golf training aid inventions include the award-winning Sure-Set, the Sure-Speed, and the Sure-Chip, all of which have been featured on the Golf Channel.

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