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The Rotator

The Rotator

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"To be the have to turn your chest" - Lee Travino 

Rotation is essential in the golf swing, but understanding the intricacies of rotation, tilt, turn, and pivot can be challenging. The Rotator simplifies these complexities, clearly highlighting shoulder plane and rotation throughout your golf swing.


  • Creates an improved relationship between the arms and torso leading to a simplified motion.
  • Encourages correct tilt and turn allowing the player to stay centred.
  • Reduces arm lift and encourages the correct loading of the lead arm.
  • Makes alignments at address and impact obvious to learn.
  • Engages more scapular control in the back leading to better posture throughout the swing.


The elasticated torso strap wraps securely around the back, featuring two arm loops designed with front loops to support the alignment rod. This innovative combination of harness and alignment rod provides golfers with clear feedback on their torso's movement and tilt throughout the swing. The torso strap encourages proper posture and prevents excessive arm lifting, ensuring a more fundamental and effective swing technique.


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Knowledge Centre

Supported by extensive digital learning materials, the Rotator empowers you to maximise your training and performance. Access comprehensive resources to help you get the very most out of your Rotator.

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