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Sure-Strike Junior

Sure-Strike Junior

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Unlock your potential with the revolutionary Sure-Strike Junior - Designed to perfect your impact mechanics, this state-of-the-art tool will help you finally master the crucial moment of impact, leading to better compression and drastically improved performance. Say goodbye to inconsistencies and align your movement with the greats. 

  • Patented Side-to-Side Hinge Design
  • Experience True Impact Alignments
  • Learn by Sensation, Not Information
  • Adaptable to Wide Range of Skills
  • Scientifically Proven by Gears 3D Biomechanics

Conquer the Moment of Truth

Golfers have many different styles making each player unique, however the very best all have much in common and the great news is, YOU CAN LEARN IT!

Experience What True Impact Feels Like & Align With the Greats

Introducing the Sure-Strike junior, your game-changing ally for achieving an unparalleled shift in performance. Crafted with a patented side-to-side hinge, this groundbreaking tool empowers you to fine-tune shaft lean and master the elusive, tour-caliber impact alignments. Bid farewell to the notorious issue of early casting that hampers countless golfers. The Sure-Strike is astonishingly versatile, adaptable for everything from finessed chips to ball-compressing full swings. Built for the rigors of repetitive training, it allows you to engrain elite-level mechanics deep into your muscle memory. Upgrade your game with the Sure-Strike junior and transform into the golfer you were destined to be.

True Impact Alignment

Correct alignment at the point of impact is non-negotiable for great ball striking. With its innovative design, the Sure-Strike Junior ensures that mastering and sustaining these crucial impact alignments becomes second nature. This goes beyond mere positioning; it facilitates a tactile understanding of how proper alignment should feel, which is instrumental in replicating that coveted tour-level impact.

Experience Tour-Like Shaft Lean 

Most amateur golfers either overlook or struggle to achieve the ideal shaft lean at the point of impact. The Sure-Strike Junior's patented side-to-side hinge is engineered to help you perfect this critical aspect. By allowing you to experience optimal shaft lean, you gain the physical intuition needed to execute this effectively. It's not just about seeing the correct position; it's about experiencing it firsthand - “To feel is to understand to repeat is to own”.

Rapid Skill Transfer

From the perspective of Motor Control & Learning, the Sure-Strike hits the sweet spot. While many devices conduct the majority of the work for you, Sure-Strike is designed to actively engage your motor control system, enabling precise, correct movements of which you can feel and learn. This approach fosters a "learning by sensation" system, the skill transfer of which has been validated by cutting-edge Gears 3D Biomechanics technology, providing you with a scientifically proven path to elevating your game.

The Ultimate Impact Trainer

While many impact trainers offer quick fixes or focus on isolated aspects of the swing, the Sure-Strike Junior takes a holistic approach by zeroing in on the foundational elements crucial to exceptional ball striking. It begins by dissecting the mechanics that matter most—shaft lean, true impact alignment, and dynamic motion—to offer a comprehensive, simple solution for lasting improvement.

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