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You Need More Speed to Get More Distance, Right? WRONG!

It's Not About How Fast You Swing...it's About WHERE You Swing Fast.

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Dear Trying-to-Get-Better Golfer:

If you turn on the television or go online...

It seems like everyone is saying you need more speed to hit the ball longer.

You may have assumed it’s true...but it's not entirely correct, not by a long shot!

The reality is...

To hit the ball longer, it’s not just about how fast you swing the club.

It's about WHERE you swing it fast!

In other words, you need your peak speed right, at, impact.

Here’s the unvarnished truth:

Most amateurs I see are reaching their top speed waaay too early — well before the moment of truth.

So simply adding more speed is probably NOT going to help you much in your quest for more distance.

You may have seen products on the market that say they can help you swing faster.

Perhaps they can, BUT...

I have never seen one that is specifically designed to help you swing faster EXACTLY at the right time and place you need it.

That is, until now!

Introducing the Sure-Speed Swing Trainer!

  • Add 10-20+ Yards to Your Driver & Irons
  • See, Feel & Hear a More Powerful Swing
  • Weighted Shaft Activates Your "Golf Muscles"
  • Grooves Your Timing and Tempo
  • Trains a Perfect Grip and On-Plane Swing
  • Provides the Ultimate, Pre-Round Stretch
  • Just "Crack the Flag" to Get Tour-Caliber Lag!

What Golfers Just Like You are Saying About the Sure-Speed…

"I got back 25 more yards in five minutes."

- Jim D. (10 handicap)

""After swinging the Sure-Speed about 10 times, I got 50 more yards. It was amazing."

- Jake S. (15 handicap)

"After five minutes…I was getting at least 60-65 more yards."

- Jake S. (15 handicap)

"My ball went farther and higher, and I felt stronger."

- Laura S. (22 handicap)

"You’ll see the results immediately."

- Hailey D. (+1.7 handicap)

"I’ve only played golf two times…I was able to hit the ball 205 yards!"

- Geovanney U. (Beginner)

"I never used to hit the driver in the air...now, it carried over 200...I love it!

- Nana T. (28 handicap)

Learn How and Why You Can Effortlessly Hit the Ball Longer — a LOT Longer!

A breakthrough in sports science is now helping golfers of all ages and abilities increase their maximum clubhead speed PRECISELY AT IMPACT...

Which can add an extra 10, 15 even 20 or more yards for you off the tee.

This breakthrough automatically provides auditory, sensory and visual feedback to dramatically accelerate your neuro-muscle learning.

Now you can develop effortless power and more distance just about anywhere — at the range, at home, at your office – in just a few minutes a day.

I’m talking about 8 or more miles per hour of increased clubhead speed...

And at least 15 – 20 extra yards off the tee.

I talk all the time about how you and every golfer needs MORE speed in their swing.

Swinging faster, not harder, not only allows you to hit the ball farther...

I believe it’s the biggest key to increasing your potential in golf.

Every increased mile-per-hour of clubhead speed adds about 2.5 yards in distance!

See below…

But here is something that's almost never talked about...

It's Not Just About How Fast You Swing...It's About WHEN You Swing Fast!

Most amateurs max out their speed prior to impact…that’s a waste of effort.

When you’re swinging faster AND more efficiently, like the best players in the world do, you reach maximum velocity right at (or just past) impact.

It’s challenging learning to do this because you normally can’t get the feedback required.

Well, now there’s a golf swing trainer that has been developed specifically to help you SEE, FEEL and HEAR where you need that maximum speed.

Yes, it's the SURE-SPEED!

It’s fun and simple to use and it can really help golfers of all levels make a more fundamentally correct swing along with adding effortless speed, power and distance!

Your New, Faster, Efficient Swing Will Carry Over to EVERY CLUB IN YOUR BAG!

Think about this…if you can add just 4 mph to your clubhead speed at impact...

You can hit the ball about 10 yards longer!

That’s not only on your drives -- you’ll also hit your fairway woods, hybrids and irons longer.

How critically vital to your game is that?

Well, assuming you shoot 90 on average, adding 5-10 yards to each and every full shot could reduce the effective length of the course you play by 360 yards or more!

That’s like subtracting a par-4 from the scorecard...and your score!

Imagine being able to play a course 360 yards shorter while your buddies have to play it longer!

It’s almost not fair, is it?

Why wouldn’t you want to make the game much easier? And now you can with the Sure-Speed!

Invented by PGA Pro & Tour Coach, Dan Frost, to Increase Your Speed Where You Need It... at IMPACT!

Hi, I'm Dan Frost Frost. I'm a PGA member and it's my honor to be recognized as one of the best golf teachers and coaches in Europe.

My students range from top tour pros...to amateurs...to beginners.

And based on the THOUSANDS of golf swings I've seen...

I knew there must be a way for golfers to increase their swing speed AT THE MOMENT OF TRUTH: at IMPACT!

That’s why I developed the Sure-Speed.

Just by swinging it, it helps you increase your speed at impact.


The Sure-Speed Improves Your Entire Swing in Three Additional Ways...

  1. Its molded handle lets you feel a perfect grip, so it becomes “automatic” when you play your clubs.
  2. The weighted, flexible shaft has “heft,” encouraging your body to swing it in the most natural and efficient way.
  3. The “plane pointer” on the shaft gets you on the right swing plane and teaches proper clubface rotation

Golfers of All Levels are Raving about Their Immediate Results Using the Sure-Speed!

"Made me feel 10 years younger, hitting the ball the way I used to."

- Jim D. (10 handicap)

"I eliminated those really long par-4s because now I can really get the ball out into the fairway."

- Nathan L. (18 handicap)

"Felt absolutely natural…helped me follow the sound and I knew exactly what I had to do."

- Geovanny U. (Beginner)

"Allowed me to strengthen my swing…and helped me finish."

- Laura S. (22 handicap)

Get Your Sure-Speed and FREE Bonuses Now!

Here is Everything You Get...

Sure-Speed: $99.99
USA Shipping: $12.99
Bonus Videos: $50.00
Total Value: $162.98

Your Price: $87

You Save: $75.98 (47%)
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All You Do is Swing the Sure-Speed Like a Driver...

The weight of the shaft and the flag on the end give you the correct amount of resistance and auditory feedback so you can feel, hear and develop your optimum swing sequence.

Just swinging the Sure-Speed helps you generate speed IN THE RIGHT PLACE so you can develop your personal “swing signature” that maximizes your speed, your distance and your consistency.

Correctly applied speed is the not only the key to more distance with your driver...

It also gives you a MASSIVE advantage because you’ll be hitting shorter clubs into the green.

Hit shorter clubs into the green and you WILL shoot lower scores!

When you start using your Sure-Speed, not only will you have fun hitting BOMBS off the tee...

You’ll lower your handicap, too!

You Can Use Your Sure-Speed Anywhere, Indoors and Outdoors

You will automatically develop your maximum speed at impact by training you to swing in sync, increasing your optimum speed and efficiency.

You will also be more consistent, more efficient, and oh, yes!, you will hit the golf ball LONGER…

And not just with your driver, but also with every full club in your bag!

And using the Sure-Speed will help you no matter your age, your handicap or your physical condition.

Even if you’re getting older, and don’t have the flexibility you once had, just by regularly swinging the Sure-Speed you’ll increase your hand and arm speed.

And you know, going faster at impact means you’ll hit it longer!

Swing the Sure-Speed and you’ll also prevent losing distance as you get older!

Just 10 swings every other day and you can add 10 more yards to your drives and every full shot.

Use it more, you’ll hit the ball even LONGER!

You get incredible auditory feedback from the Sure-Speed.

You can hear the flag crack when it hits maximum speed.

So make it LOUDEST at or just past impact…the LOUDER the sound, the LONGER your drives!

You also get other types of sensory feedback.

You can FEEL the resistance, which is helping build more power, on-plane efficient and effortless power in exactly the right place…at impact.

And you get visual feedback…in addition to the “Plane Pointer” that keeps you on plane, you can see the flag whip through the hitting area.

This unique combination of Auditory, Sensory and Visual feedback accelerates your improvement.

Sure-Speed lets you SEE, FEEL and HEAR a faster, effortless, more powerful new golf swing.

With the Sure-Speed, You Swing it, Feel it, Hear it!

The louder the sound, the faster your swing!

And you can see, feel and hear exactly where that maximum speed is happening…no questions, no doubts, it’s easy to do it right.

With the Sure-Speed auditory feedback, you’ll hear with the whoosh exactly at impact and the resistance of flag automatically gives you the feedback you need to improve the sync of your swing and your impact conditions.

Just swinging the Sure Speed will improve your lag, your angle of attack, your release, your plane, your wrist action and swing control. It’s a total makeover of your swing without all the time and work!.

The Sure-Speed Keeps You "On-Plane," and Helps Square Your Clubface, Too!

The Sure-Speed has an important reference on the shaft…that’s the “Plane Pointer.”

In addition to a visual guide to staying on plane, the Plane Pointer is divided into two colors: red and yellow to show you face rotation.

On your backswing, you want to see yellow.

On your downswing, you want to “rotate back to red” and start to close the face of your club.

By doing this, you’ll swing the club not only faster but more accurately, too!


The Sure-Speed Unlocks Your Natural Swing So You Hit the Ball LONGER and More Consistently

As a golf coach, I love the Sure-Speed because...

It's SIMPLE and EASY to use, straight out of the box…

It’s fantastic for beginners, juniors or seniors...

It's unlocks your natural swing -- the free flowing move that make you fastest at the absolute right place in your swing…at IMPACT!

Swing it and you will FEEL, SEE and HEAR a faster, more efficient and powerful golf swing.

Remember it’s not about how fast you swing it, it’s about where you swing it fast!

And with the Sure-Speed, you’ll learn to swing the club faster, right at impact.

By Seeing, Feeling and Hearing this properly placed speed, you’ll develop effortless power and more distance almost automatically.

The main benefit of the Sure-Speed is how it maximizes your speed at impact, your distance, and all the good things that come with that.

If that’s ALL it did, it would still be worth every penny of the price, which by the way, is a steal at under $100.

But the Sure-Speed does a LOT more – WAY more than we can cover on this page.

That's why your Sure-Speed comes with a bonus video series showing you the DOZENS of other ways the Sure-Speed can help you.

FREE with Your Purchase Today: Video Golf Lessons with Dan Frost

Included with your purchase today are Dan Frost's video instructions on "getting started" with the Sure-Speed and "how to use" it to improve not just your speed, but also...

Your swing plane...

Your lag...

Your tempo...

Your timing...

Your swing width...

Your flexibility...

Your strength...

Your wrist action...

Your clubface control...

And more!

There are definitely some tips and drills in here you will really like...

And you'll get them ALL as a bonus with your purchase today.

Dan's private, in-person lessons like this usually cost $200, and these video tips are easily worth $50, but this content is yours free, as a bonus.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Your purchase is safe and fully protected by our 30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

In short, if the Sure-Speed doesn’t increase your swing speed at impact and have you hitting the ball longer…

If it doesn’t ALSO improve your swing plane, your tempo, your timing, your flexibility, your strength…

Or if you don’t’ love it for ANY other reason – or no reason! — just send it back within 30 days for a full product refund.

Get Your Sure-Speed and FREE Bonuses Now!

Here is Everything You Get...

Sure-Speed: $99.99
USA Shipping: $12.99
Bonus Videos: $50.00
Total Value: $162.98

Your Price: $87

You Save: $75.98 (47%)
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