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Tired of Wasting Strokes on Bladed or Chunked Chips and Pitches?

If You Answered "Yes," This Video is For YOU...

Save 3, 5, 7… Even 10 Shots per Round by NEVER Flubbing an “Easy” Short Shot Again!

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Dear Fellow Golfer,

Do you ever struggle with chipping and pitching?

Maybe you blade or chunk a couple shots per round?

Isn’t it maddening how these tiny shots can totally wreck your score?

If you have never bladed or chunked a chip or a pitch…

Congratulations! You can stop reading right now.

But for the rest of the 99.99% of us who probably miss our share of greens, the real question is…

Just how many EXTRA shots are you needlessly throwing away each round by mis-hitting your pitches and chips?

Here’s an idea of just how many...

The pros miss between 4-6 greens per 18 holes…

But they are masters at getting their next shot close to — or in — the hole.

So, if YOU are missing 6, 8, or 10+ greens, and you sometimes (or often) flub your wedges...

This could easily be adding 3, 4, 5+ shots to your score!

Speaking of having an inconsistent wedge game, here’s another question…

Is Your Short Game So Shaky You Often Putt from Way Off the Green?


Putting from off the green can be a “Band-Aid” IF you have a near perfect runway between your ball and the hole.

But most times, you have no choice — you MUST chip or pitch the ball.

So, if you could just improve those chips and pitches, the ones from about 30 yards and in…

And consistently get the ball to “tap in” or “makeable putt” range…


And your handicap would drop significantly.

Well, I have good news for you:

Now there’s a way you can end the frustration and embarrassment of losing shots to hot-running chips and sod-busting pitches...for good!

Not with an expensive, odd-looking wedge or putter...

Those can just cover up the symptoms for a short time, but they don’t solve the underlying problem!

Hi, I'm Dan Frost, PGA Pro, Tour Coach, and Inventor...

Let Me Show You the Easy Way to Break Your Pitching and Chipping Curse Once and For All...

You read that right.

No more hitting chips and pitches fat…

No more sending them screaming over the green...

No more pulling out your putter from way off the green just to avoid a "chip yip."

Not only that, you’ll start being deadly accurate from 30 yards and in and look forward to showing off your new chipping and pitching skills!

This is It... The Sure-Chip!

  • Enjoy a Stroke-Saving Short Game
  • Be Accurate, Confident & Consistent
  • Use with Every Wedge in Your Bag
  • Enjoy Instant Improvement
  • Works for All Skill Levels
  • Works for Right- & Left-Handers

The Sure-Chip may look like a simple foam ball, but it’s a powerful short-game training aid.

You attach it to the shaft of your wedges, either at the top, middle or bottom, and it helps you focus your attention where you need it so you can learn to, “align, load, and release” the club properly.

And it couldn’t be easier to use.

As you can see in the photo below...

If you see “yellow on the way back, red on the way through,” you’re doing it right!

Just by using it, you will automatically improve your fundamentals and your confidence.

You’ll not only all-but-eliminate thin and fat pitches and chips...

You’ll also develop a solid short game that will be envied by your friends and feared by your competitors!

After Just Minutes Using the Sure-Chip, Golfers Like You are Saying This…

"Dramatic results...instantly!

- Adam R.

"Perfect results…I think the Sure-Chip is going to really save my game."

- Mike C.

"It produces! I’m able to loft the shot so much more easily and smoothly."

- Karen C.

"Within 15 minutes…it helped me capture the feel of how to hit those high, soft-landing shots."

- Courtney B.

"It’s easy! Great to see some spin and elevation on my chips."

- Sebastian Q.

Here’s Exactly What the Sure-Chip is and How it Works...

The Sure-Chip is a system consisting of two lightweight balls that attach to your clubs.

The Sure-Chip guides you to easily improve your wedge-turf interaction and chipping and pitching ball striking.

This leads to more advanced spin, trajectory and distance control.

Sure-Chip takes the guesswork out of learning to chip and pitch…it’s simple and easy to do it AND it is VERY affordable!


The first ball is two tone — yellow and red with a black stripe down the middle.

The black stripe matches up with the leading edge of your club and each color represents face rotation.

The ball is designed with a small slit and a cored-out center that allows it to fit onto different locations on the golf club shaft.

As you look down at the ball, you can see a ratio of how much red and yellow can be seen.

The more of one side or another will dictate a tendency to hit the shot high or low.

And by adjusting the ratio of what you see, you can learn to hit all types of shots.

And it’s also a great way to control rotation in your arms.

The smaller green ball attaches to the butt end of the club.

This ball is primarily designed to train the proper arc or width of your swing.

It also allows you to understand and feel your wrist action.

The Sure-Chip Simplifies Tricky Short Game Shots

The "old way" to hit delicate (but important) short-game shots is to somehow perfectly position...

Your weight...

Your feet...

Your hips...

Your arms...

Your hands...

Your backswing...

And your downswing.

FORGET IT! That is WAY too complex...and probably why most people struggle with these shots.

Instead, with the Sure-Chip, just focus on seeing “yellow on the backswing, red on the through-swing”...

And you will IMMEDIATELY start hitting better short-game shots and getting closer to the hole!

Included with Your Sure-Chip: Video Quickstart Guide and Bonus Lessons with Dan Frost ($50 Value)

When you order your Sure-Chip, you get the larger Sure-Chip yellow and red ball...

You get the small Sure-Chip Green ball...

You get a video "quickstart" guide...

AND you get Dan Frost’s Sure-Chip video lessons.

You’d have to pay Dan $250 for this type of lesson in person in England.

The video version is a $50 value and it’s yours free with your Sure-Chip.

And most importantly…it will help you know exactly how to use your Sure-Chip and increase your short-game confidence -- and results -- immeasurably!

No more embarrassment having to bring out the putter from way off the green!

No more fear of sticking your wedge in the ground and coming up way short again.

In the Sure-Chip bonus videos you’ll learn how to play off tight lies, fluffy lies, out of the rough, how to control trajectory and spin...and most importantly, how to eliminate chunked and bladed wedges!

How much is it worth to save 4, 5, 7 shots (or more!) every time you play?

What would you pay to absolutely have the confidence to KNOW you won’t skull or hit your pitches and chips fat again? $100? $200? More?

Well you won’t have to pay anywhere near that.

You’ll immediately improve your short game and lower your score just by using the Sure-Chip...and the cost is UNDER $30!

100% Money Back Guarantee

The Sure-Chip is GUARANTEED to help you improve your short game...or your money back, no questions asked.

The moment you place it on your wedges and simply focus on seeing, "yellow on the way back, red on the way through"...

You will start to eliminate those fat and thin shots that needlessly wreck your score...

AND you will start enjoying full control over your trajectory and spin.

So, instead of short-game shots causing you anxiety, fear, embarassment and frustration...

You will actually LOOK FORWARD to hitting these shots...

And basking in the glory of when they finish within a tap-in of the hole...or IN the hole!

Now, for whatever reason...

If your Sure-Chip doesn't deliver on everything I've just said...

Or you simply don't like it for any reason (or NO reason)...

Or you just changed your mind...

No problem. Simply send it back to me within 30 days of purchase and I'll promptly give you a refund.

Sound fair?

I think so, too!

Get Your Special, Sure-Chip Bonus Bundle Now

Here is Everything You Get...

1 Sure-Chip

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Now, You Have a Simple Decision to Make...

You can continue to waste strokes by skulling or chunking your short-game shots.


You can try the Sure-Chip risk-free, gain confidence around the greens, and start enjoying more tap-ins!

The Sure-Chip can totally transform your short game, quickly and easily...GUARANTEED.

Try it right now by clicking below.

To Great Golf All the Time…


Dan Frost

PGA Pro and Tour Instructor

Sure-Chip Inventor


P.S. Here’s what you can expect soon after you start using the Sure-Chip:

  • Save 3, 5 or 7 shots the very next time you play
  • No more embarassing and fustrating skulls, chunks and shanks
  • No more score-destroying "blow-up" holes
  • Enjoy a short game you can rely on to get you OUT of trouble
  • Enjoy "tap ins" (and even "hole outs") from off the green!

Benefit from using the Sure-Chip and enjoy the special bundle on this page -- it’s a “no-brainer” bargain.

And if you’re not completely satisfied, you get a full and complete refund of the purchase price!

Get Your Special, Sure-Chip Bonus Bundle Now

Here is Everything You Get...

1 Sure-Chip

1 Sure-Chip $39.99
USA Shipping: $4.99
Video Lessons $50.00
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3 Sure-Chips

3 Sure-Chips $119.97
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Video Lessons $50.00
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Your Price: $47

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